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Interior designer: Luca Riccardo

I was born, raised and still resident in Chiavenna (SO).  After trying different professional paths in my youth in 2003 I was offered the opportunity to learn the job of interior designer at a local company, from there I understood what my life's job would be.

After many years  in which I did this job in a local company I decided to start the business of "Decorator for All"  working as an online interior designer and offering an interior design service  to give everyone the opportunity to have a personal interior designer who makes his knowledge available and who knows how to give advice thanks to the experience gained over the years at an affordable price, and this is because the service is totally online, therefore no kind of expense for me except time, but the beauty of being an online interior designer is that I can manage it in the best possible way to be able to offer a professional service at low cost and in total collaboration with the customer.

The personal interior designer must not be just for a few but for everyone and if it is an online interior designer, it is truly reachable by everyone!

I won the Houzz customer satisfaction award from 2017 to 2021 and in 2021 the award from Build magazine as the best online interior design consultant in northern Italy.

Who is the interior designer? The figure of the interior designer is just that for me, a professional who has the ability to make a harmonious environment by combining a series of factors, which are practicality, functionality and good taste, the latter element not to be underestimated and which should not be underestimated. everyone has. If you put all this in an online interior design service accessible to all, you understand the thought that gave rise to "interior designer for all".

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