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For an apartment in a condominium, the customer who had strong doubts about how to design a kitchen , however, had clear ideas about wanting it   modern and bright but at the same time warm and above all an eat-in kitchen.

It had to be designed for 4 people and in addition to a peninsula area (which has always been our client's dream !!) a table had to be provided. Another request: no tiles under the wall units.

The environment had to be completely renovated so it was important to report the interventions to be done.




The eat-in kitchen  it was arranged in a “C” shape with the inclusion of a small 130x70 peninsula for a quick breakfast or snack. With a peninsula of this size it is possible to place a 140x80 table accompanied by three chairs and a bench, the latter is an excellent space-saving solution. Next to the table there is a boiserie panel in the same color as the top and the table, a wood finish to give a little warmth to the environment. To satisfy the demand for a modern but not too cold kitchen, white furniture was chosen that gives a lot of light, combined with wood-colored details that warm.  White glass panels have been inserted into the backrest.

The 270 cm high room was originally lowered by 20 cm with a plasterboard to allow the insertion of the spotlights and to hide the extractor hood pipe that goes outwards.




View 1 from left to right: refrigerator column, oven column, 50 cm base with baskets, 90 cm base with baskets and internal drawer (also convenient for ladles and large knives), 50 cm base with baskets. In the upper part, wall units with hinged opening with flush-mounted under-cabinet light and stainless steel cube hood.

View 2 from left to right: corner sink base, above 60 cm dish drainer, dishwasher.




  • the kitchen is in glossy white laminate with the same structure, recessed aluminum groove handle

  • the worktop, table and boiserie are in wood finish laminate

  • the backrests are half in wood finish laminate and half in white glass

  • the chairs and stools are in white polypropylene with satin aluminum structure




  • floor with 60x60 light gray tiles

  • windows in white pvc

  • lowering in plasterboard of 20 cm on the whole room

  • French door side wall painted in dove gray RAL 080 70 10

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