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For an apartment to renovate, I was asked for an idea to design interiors for the entrance, living room and  kitchen. The latter had already been purchased as furniture, so it was a question of designing a "contour" that would enhance it (hence the idea of the kitchen with wallpaper), plus there was a small  "lodge" that you did not know how to use.

Fundamental request: the client does not like doors .







First of all, thank you for the idea of having it designed  a house , yours, to me.  Let's start with the floor, which I kept the same throughout the living area, hall and kitchen. Among all those you have seen, I really liked the Mark Chrome, so since you have already seen it, I would do that, as per the drawing. The rest : as you can see, I played a lot with the lowering given also the height of the room, so lowering on the kitchen area, total lowering in the corridor (so it makes it less tunnel) and shaped lowering in the living room. In the living room and in the dining area I have also added veils, in the first case follows the lowering, protrudes by 20 cm and the lights illuminate upwards, in the second they surround and are separated by 15 cm from the wall, the spotlights illuminate towards the bass.

As for the budget, I don't know what your company can ask you for this job, but I would eventually have separate estimates made and in order of importance I would put: kitchen and corridor lowering, living room lowering, veils.

As colors I have been in shades of gray and white (which follow the floor and the kitchen) with the addition of burnt orange and fern green to give some warmth, and some antique wood-effect furniture in the living room. For the loggia I thought of a relaxation / reading area, possibly you can add a small table to the bench that I designed, while for the door that separates the corridor from the rooms I thought of a door in light without exposed hardware that you can have. rough and dye like the wall, in practice it is like seeing a wall (I thought of you C., since you told me you don't like doors!), however if the problem is the lack of light you can evaluate the door in glass. Always talking about openings, I removed doors in the kitchen and living room, in the latter case I raised the steps up to the plasterboard to have a total opening. I go into details.



There is not much to say about the arrangement of the kitchen furniture since you have already purchased it, I only mention the location of the island, that is centered on the 408 cm wall and 120 cm away from the other furniture. As a protection I would use a resin that is always light gray like  furniture. I would make the wall units at a maximum height (96 cm) so as to be able to close the remaining part above the wall units with plasterboard (depth 60 cm like the columns).  For the dining area I thought of an old gray / white wood effect wallpaper on wall C and D, while the 200x100 cm table would be in white wood or always antiqued tending to gray (see my attachments). Black eco-leather chairs and stools, open wall units and shelf always from the kitchen line.



  • Table in white wood, or antique gray / white wood 200x100 (see attachments as examples). Tip: look at Julia as a brand, it makes great products at great prices, however the white wooden table is easily found on the market.

  • Stools and chairs in black eco-leather. I always recommend Julia, to make you understand how I intend to go  on my site in the blog, there are some advice on purchases and there are some eco-leather chairs.

  • Wood effect wallpaper as per attachment on wall C and D (up to the passage). Tip: you can easily find it on the market, even at Leroy and Merlin so to speak.

  • Wall units suspended on the open wall D and on the wall B under the TV, and the same shelf as the kitchen

  • 96 cm high kitchen cabinets (or of the maxi size proposed by the house).

  • Undercounter cover in light gray resin like the kitchen.

  • Lowering in plasterboard with spotlights of 30 cm up to the door. Pay attention to the box, leave space for it to open.

  • Lowering in plasterboard above the wall units up to the other lowering Depth 60 cm (like the columns)

  • Veil 30 cm high to 15 cm from the wall all around the rest of the room with downlights (if the costs are excessive it can also be avoided).

  • Chandelier in the center of the table. Tip: Meteora chandelier by Febo light, as attached photo.

  • Relief paint and wall B gray RAL ds 000 50 00, dark gray (if it seems too dark due to the room to the north it can lighten by a couple of tones, but it must be in contrast with the kitchen).

  • Wall painting D RAL classic 7044 silk gray (also the box)

  • White veil.

  • White Roman blinds.



Not having mentioned any special needs, given the large window, I thought of a relaxation area for reading, or even breakfast or for a tea break, if you also put a coffee table, colors to warm the environment a little and to be in contrast to the kitchen when you look at it from there.


  • wooden bench equal to the table in the kitchen, white or antiqued gray / white wood. In this case you should have a carpenter do it I think, but I don't think he asks you so much for a bench. Measures like the room 180x215

  • bench cushions burnt orange and fern green like the walls.

  • Full width shelves like the bench.

  • Chandelier like the one on the table.

  • Wall painting A Ral classic 2013 pearl orange.

  • Wall painting B Ral ds 100 70 60 fern green.

  • Closing veil on the passage, or close with plasterboard up to the height of the veil.



I thought of a sober entrance, with completely white colors, the piece of furniture takes up the living room, a dark gray, and contains the jackets and shoes, there is also a low cabinet to store keys and objects, the mirror and 2 colored poufs. The door that divides the living area from the sleeping area is completely camouflaged with the wall, in light, with the same color.


  • Dark gray lacquered wardrobe and cabinet (I'd get the same color in the living room), L = 180 cm H = 220/230 cm, while the lower H = 80 cm, depth 40/45 cm.

  • 2 colored poufs or with patchwork effect, easily found (also from Ikea if desired) 45x45.

  • Door in raw light to be painted as a wall. Tip: see the Zemma company, they make it and it doesn't cost much.

  • Total white paint.

  • Modern colorful painting on the wall C.

  • Total lowering in plasterboard with 30 cm spotlights. Pay attention to the box, leave the necessary space for opening.

  • White curtain with package opening.



I left the TV where you have it now, so I can put a corner sofa with a peninsula. On wall D, on the other hand, a modern bookcase with a PC desk. The openings I made total in height, lowering of 30 cm shaped that goes from French door to French door, with a veil with spotlights that illuminate upwards.


  • Wall bookcase DL = 300 H = 220 approximately D = 40 cm, pearl gray lacquered wood structure, dark gray and fern green matt lacquered cubes. Antique wood effect desk. Tip: mod. Atlante by Compas / Tomasella if you want a high brand, Colombini instead for the laminate, costs even less.

  • Wall unit A, L = 315. Bases in antique wood effect, dark gray lacquered wall units with burnt orange cubes. For advice see above.

  • Corner sofa 265x240 with peninsula, suspended, with chromed legs, light gray fabric, with orange and green cushions.

  • A little darker gray carpet, to contrast with the floor and sofa.

  • Tolomeo type floor lamp by Artemide (see attachment).

  • Curtains with chromed, light gray or white rod, high up to cover the box.

  • 30 cm lowering with spotlights.

  • Veil prof. 20 cm with spotlights that illuminate upwards.

  • Wall painting A, Ral classic 7044 silk gray

  • Wall B and D white painted.

  • Wall painting C Ral classic 7044, instead between the two openings burnt orange Ral classic 2013

  • White box on wall B and pearl gray box on wall A.






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