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A young couple decided to raise her parents' house by one floor by creating a splendid attic, so they decided to have the attic project done online.  For the interiors of the house they ask for a solution for the living area and kitchen . Would like a kitchen with a peninsula or island that acts as a divider and with an area for quick breakfasts and lunches for a family of three (they have a 5-year-old girl), it must also be practical to clean and child-proof and with many containers and must have in addition to the classic electric oven also a steam oven (an excellent solution for cooking food while maintaining all its properties). They like light shades that give a lot of light and wouldn't want too many different colors and finishes. The table must be large and set up to receive the many friends. The floor has already been chosen and will be a light oak parquet, while the windows and interior doors will be white.




To satisfy this request it was not necessary to carry out major structural work , it was enough to keep the room as it was using the arrangement of the furniture to also act as partitions. The only interventions have been made in this attic project are on the walls with colors and materials that are not too invasive but that allow to highlight the furnishings . The one behind the living room furniture dyed in a light taupe color, and behind the kitchen columns with a geo-stone, then taken up in the dining area


1- The proposed kitchen is in laminate , very practical to clean and resistant to scratches, for the color we opted for white which gives a lot of light. It has a configuration with an area entirely in columns (which was possible to place near a high wall) where we find in addition to the ovens and the refrigerator a lot of storage space and also two open columns in bookcase style to create a union with the living room and make it a little less cooking.

2- The central island instead acts as a divider and is the point

operational, here we find a scratch-resistant and water-repellent quartz worktop, supporting the snack area for quick meals.

3- The sofa has a removable cover and is covered with a stain-resistant fabric that can also be used with a felt-tip pen.

4- For the living room furniture the same furniture of the kitchen was used, to respond to the

required not to have too many colors and finishes, it has suspended bases to make it light and sober.

5- The dining area is near the large window to have light. Here we find some chairs in

transparent plopropylene, also very light and combinable with everything, and an oak table

natural antiqued that integrates very well into the modern context and stands out and stands out.



View 1 from left to right: 5 cm side panel 30 cm open column, refrigerator column, 2 oven columns, open column, 5 cm side panel.

View 2 from left to right: sink base with pull-out door and waste bin for separate waste collection, base with baskets and internal drawer, 60 cm dishwasher.

View 3 from left to right: 60 cm base 35 cm deep, above electric tower, 80 base 35 cm deep, above splash glass, 60 cm base 35 cm deep



  • the kitchen is in glossy white laminate with the same structure, handle already integrated in the door with the same finish

  • the worktop is in white quartz sp. 2 cm with peninsula in laminate with wood effect

  • the chairs are in transparent polypropylene, while the stools have an aluminum structure and white lacquered seat

  • the furniture in the living room is the same as the kitchen

  • the 275x160 sofa with chaise longue is of Italian manufacture, wooden structure, elastic straps under the seat to ensure better comfort, washable stain-resistant fabric 

  • the table is antique, it has been renovated and given a color similar to the peninsula




  • light oak parquet floor

  • windows in white pvc

  • lowering for the plasterboard hood (the measurements depend on the hood model chosen)

  • TV side wall painted in dove gray RAL 080 80 05

  • wall table and kitchen area in geopietra, in flattened masonry, in royal white tones

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