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THE REQUEST: a  complete online furnishing project first, turnkey afterwards.

Apartment in the center for the middle-aged couple, drawings (rendered perspectives) and photos of the finished work.

A middle- aged couple without children about to buy an apartment in a condominium undergoing renovation asks for advice for a new layout of the rooms and furnishings, changing the layout of the original project which includes 2 bedrooms and the living room with the kitchenette. Requests are a separate eat-in kitchen, a study and computer area, a spare bed to use for occasional guests, a closet in the corridor that also covers the electrical and plumbing control panels and is partly used as a closet.

The floors and interior doors have already been chosen and will both be in natural oak, the windows in white PVC. They requested the white walls to give a lot of light, they really like the wood finish furniture. They also require a spacious table for dinners with numerous friends and a bookcase for her many books. The condominium is in energy class A and does not use gas, therefore in  kitchen it will take an electric induction hob. They were a little skeptical about home design  online, but I think they have changed their minds.





To respond to requests, the first room bordering the living room was used as a kitchen

habitable by closing the door in the corridor and making another one facing the living room,

sliding inside the wall so as not to be an obstacle to the operating area of the columns

refrigerator and oven. Doing so remains a large living room where you can create a study area

and a large table, as well as the relaxation area with sofas.




1 - The kitchen is structured with a classic "L" pattern, the doors are in laminate (very practical

to clean) and a light oak finish that gives a lot of light, combined with magnolia colored wall units,

the worktop and the under-cabinet back in stratified laminate, also very practical,

scratch-resistant and water-repellent, particular is the beveled terminal 2 which allows free access to the

window. With this arrangement there is also a table for quick lunches and breakfasts.

3 - For the study area a niche has been used near the light of the French window where

we find a desk integrated into a bookcase and combined with a composition

container / bookcase / tv stand 4. In this case we find wood colors but more decisive for a

greater contrast with the white wall.

5 - The large table was placed between the two French doors to have more light, it measures 160x90 and is

extendable, the finish is a dark oak combined with the living room.

6- For the sofas it was decided to make a couple of 2 seats, one of which with a bed with easy opening

for occasional guests. They are easy to move and therefore more practical for a crowded house

or when using the bed. They are removable and the fabric is a polyester washable in water at 30 ° e

stain resistant ..

7- The wardrobe in the corridor covers the entire wall, we find all of them in the last module on the right on the wall

the control panels and is also used as a storage room for brooms and vacuum cleaners, 8 - in the middle

a module with an open compartment to break the monotony due to the very long composition e

useful to use as an object holder. The finishes are in light wood so as not to weigh down the corridor

already not very bright in itself, and take up the shades of the kitchen.

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