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A couple from Monza wrote to me asking me to give a little personality and order to their living room, which was largely already furnished, in which there was, among others, a round fireplace, and to their kitchen.  Specifically they were looking for a way to hide the heaters, a new floor to match, a new countertop for the kitchen, adding some color and a way to finish off the living room in the hallway part.



In my opinion, the two environments do not need major upheavals to improve.

I would leave the sofa where it is, it seems to me the best position: it has the right distance from the TV, it creates 2 "corridors", one that goes to the kitchen and one that goes to the bedroom.

The wallpaper in the kitchen can remain , on the whole it looks good and because of how the colors have been distributed it integrates well. Obviously if you are bored or at least you would like to change it you can find alternatives (even on green instead of gray).

I would change the curtains with the ones you said you already have white, and I would change the door to the bedrooms with a white one.


- Quartz kitchen top ................ , elegant and resistant, alternatively (even inexpensive) you can go to the laminate, I would always be on medium / dark gray.
- Green high pile carpet type ...........  240x170.
- Entrance with wardrobe L = 90 D = 30 and white drawers.
- Armchairs / chairs leaning against the wall 2 type ...........  or similar, gray fabric.
- Walls with niches: painted dark gray RAL ds 000 55 00 , including the radiator niche. Other niches painted white inside.
- Coating radiators : 8 cm horizontal strips (like the thicknesses of plasterboard) in dark gray lacquered metal like the rest (you should make it a sort of frame so that it can be removed all together, I thought of a very thin frame, a kind of recessed edge).
- green RAL acid Painting ds 110 70 60: Wall 2 Wall 1 where there is a door that goes into the room, the wall 3 initials bribes (immediately left before the entrance door and window in the kitchen between the wall paper and the French window), wall 5 on the kitchen side.
- Lowering to 260 cm like the others above the entrance with spotlights.
- Wooden floor in dove-gray color tending to light or in light dove-gray wood-effect stoneware.
- Black and white painting (see ............ ).
- White hallway door.

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