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A young couple asked me to plan the complete renovation of their home consisting of a spacious living room, kitchen, study, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. Their doubt  the bigger it was  on how to furnish a  living room. The only thing they had clear ideas about was having a living room with a stone wall .  The goal was to make it more modern by changing everything (including the floor), except the windows. The kitchen compared to the initial project has been modified according to their requests, here is already the new proposal, from the design to the report. 



The main objective was to give a shape, overall, and a logic to the living room that lent itself to different solutions, playing with rounded shapes (such as the entrance wall and the lowering in plasterboard), inserting the stone wall element , And  making a fair distribution of the various areas. To make the environment modern, first of all, I would remove all those frames and decorations that are now on the walls, making them smooth, and I would also eliminate the arch above the door that gives to the rooms (rounds are fine, but not too much) . For the floor it seems to me an excellent idea that of the resin with a glossy effect , a solution that does not involve the removal of the old tiles, and that does not create thickness at the expense of the thresholds that connect the other rooms (2/3 mm maximum). As a shade of colors I was on the ivory / glossy beige for the floor, for the rest I left fairly light walls always on shades of beige / gray and more on dark gray for details such as the pillars , the lowering above the TV, the wall at the entrance after the stained glass window. The choice of not too dark colors is dictated by the fact that she pointed out to me that the room has few windows, by the attention to having a bright entrance, and by highlighting the stone wall, the focal point of the room, which otherwise it would risk getting lost. Just the idea of putting an "important" oval table where the round wall is, the sofa / TV area has been placed there for a fair distribution and to have a correct distance between the sofa and the TV (at least 2.5 / 3 mt) and a good space around, so to speak, if I had put the sofa in zone 3, first of all it would have seemed all concentrated there (and with such a large room it would have been a shame) and then to have a good distance from the TV the sofa would have arrived close to the kitchen door. The room is all lowered by 20 cm so that you can put recessed spotlights, except on the sofa and table area. I thought of delineating the area leaving the normal height , perhaps making a veil that comes out of 5/10 cm with spotlights that point upwards. I'm going to explain the project in detail:

1 - The entrance . The idea of the bookcase as a room divider is not bad, but it will be that it is a solution that I do not love so much, it will be that then it all seemed a bit heavy to me, I opted for another thing, a glass up to the ceiling with one wall final in plasterboard of 80cm, all with a round shape to resume the rest of the room. An elegant, light and bright solution (which he asked me for), with a planter on the living room side behind the window (perhaps with tall glass vases and very trendy dry branches) that create that effect "I see I don't see ". (however, if you want to see a solution with a library, please tell me that I will do it!). To answer your request for entrance lights, I put spotlights in the plasterboard lowering. On wall A we find a low suspended sideboard L = 216 cm with a beautiful painting, in matt finish, white and gray colors (the gray must have that touch of brown, tending to taupe). I left the piano where it was, the alternative was to put it in zone 3, but in order not to alter the sounds we had to leave the zone empty, and it seemed a shame. I would suggest hangers near the front door, even in sight. Alternative: put the top instead of the sideboard and a wardrobe for jackets instead of the top.

2 - The sofa / tv area . The reasons why I put it here I explained them before, the sofa is in white leather, corner with terminal peninsula, the sofa measures 278 x 225 (on the market it is an easily findable size. The TV wall as I said is the fulcrum of the room, in stone with colors tending to beige (even here I would say that there are different types). Precisely because it is particular and beautiful to look at, I would give it importance by leaving it quite free, simply putting a low cabinet for the TV L = 200 cm H = 40 cm with baskets. The TV can be placed or hung in the center. Above, as already said, I created a circle to delimit the area by playing with the total lowering of the room, making a protruding veil of 5/10 cm with spotlights pointing upwards. I then created, again in plasterboard, a lowering right above the TV and above the wall where the radiator is, H = 20 cm and depth 30, here I would put the spotlights pointing towards the bottom to illuminate the stone wall.

3 - Library and PC area . Here we find a bookcase / pc composition Larg. About 300 in total. The colors are like those of the sideboard (white and dove gray, opaque), the desk to detach a little would also look good in an aged wood finish, with strong thicknesses (at least 5 cm). The chair (with legs in light wood) and a floor lamp that gives light to the desk complete the whole.

4 - The dining area . As I said, an oval table would also fit in my opinion, the one designed is 200x100 in transparent glass with metal legs (alternatively they could be made in wood that takes up the PC desk). High-backed chairs in black leather or eco-leather. Central chandelier as per drawing.

Summary of the new interventions to be done.



  • Sideboard for the suspended entrance L = 216 cm approximately and 72 cm high, matt white and dove gray finish (or similar), it can be matt lacquered or in laminate (cheaper). On the market it is an easy to find solution, possibly evaluate Colombini for the laminate and Compas for the lacquer.

  • Knobs hang jackets for the entrance (at discretion).

  • Opaque white planter H = 20 cm that follows the curvature of the glass, to be made to measure, maybe once you have found the pots for the plants you can build it following those measures.

  • Leather sofa 278x225, this is also a solution that can be easily found on the market, consider Samoa sofas if you want something good at a good price.

  • 240x160 carpet , dark color, always in shades of dove gray. If you prefer, even a fantasy is fine.

  • Bookcase L = 300 cm H = 220 approximately with finishes such as the sideboard (here the gray of the doors can also be glossy), with matching desk in old wood finish, at least 5 cm thick. For purchases, the advice of the cupboard is valid.

  • Armchair for desk, type mod. Kenna of Juliagroup or similar

  • Floor lamp to make desk light

  • Oval table 200x100 in glass with steel or wood legs. See mod. Virginia of Juliagroup.

  • Leather or eco-leather chairs (at least 6)

  • Chandelier for table, a good product can be Meteora by Febo.

  • Long curtains with stainless steel rod, as the color I would stay on the classic white, alternatively you could make the double curtain with the addition of a blackout always in gray color (dove gray tone).



  • Total lowering in plasterboard of 20 cm, except on the dining area and sofa, here it ends with a round and a 5/10 cm protruding veil. If you didn't want to do the work (in fact it is quite important as an intervention!) I would at least make a lowering to delimit the entrance.

  • Spotlights for lowering to the LED or halogen spotlights and for mantel pointing upwards.

  • Round window for full-height entrance + 80 cm full-height plasterboard wall.

  • You work to remove the decorations from the walls and the tondo above the door that goes to the rooms.

  • Flooring , resin installation, ivory / beige RALc 1014 finish

  • Painting for all walls RAL ds 080.90.10 and for the pillars, the entrance wall and lowering on the TV wall RAL ds 080.50.05

  • Wall C in stone (also the next wall where the radiator is)




I made the changes requested by changing the layout of the kitchen which, except for the peninsula, remains in the bases as it was before, with the addition of a chest of drawers immediately after the refrigerator. Under the kitchen cabinets I removed the panels and made a darker colored wall with a washable resin-based paint. The reduction is to "L" prof. 80 cm, white table and chairs like the kitchen top. I then added a 2m sofa in zone 2 and the TV corner with stone walls and some hanging furniture identical to the kitchen. The changes in particular:

1 - Kitchen . Finishes as in the photo he sent me, with glossy magma-colored wall units (dove gray or dark beige is fine too), quartz worktop 3 cm thick but white, with 6 cm backsplash. Layout: (2) chest of drawers L = 60 cm, (17) drop-down wall unit L = 120 push-pull opening, (18) open wall unit L = 60 cm, (19) flap wall unit L = 60 cm, (21.22 , 23) drop down wall unit L = 60 cm. Extendable table 160x90 glossy white, white chairs.

2 - Sofa L = 200, fern green color (I think there is a touch of color!). I left the wallpaper. Alternative (project 3): no wallpaper but 2 open wall units L = 120 cm.

3 - TV wall. The stone can go, I also put some hanging furniture in the kitchen finish.


  • Glossy white table 160x90 extendable

  • White chairs

  • Sofa L = 200 colored


  • Lowering in L-shaped plasterboard of 20 cm P = 80 cm. Alternative (project 3): plasterboard D = 60 cm + dividing wall between sofa and refrigerator

  • Stone for TV wall covering

  • Wall color A (behind the kitchen) and B darker RAL 070 70 10 (or similar) with a washable paint, perhaps based on resin. Alternative (project 3): make all the other walls white instead of the living room and darker curtains that take up the color behind the kitchen.


NOTE: being a complex project I decided to report only the relations of the living room and kitchen (main rooms), obviously then follows  the report of the  other rooms.  


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